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The Philadelphia Autism Project is proud to provide seed awards to individuals, family members, community groups, and organizations to create and/or build upon their existing support groups and programs. Seed awards impact under-resourced populations living with autism in the city of Philadelphia by leveraging community leaders, grassroots organizations, and existing resources to support mutual engagement. Scroll below for the latest updates on new funding opportunities, to view past award recipients across Philadelphia and by year, and additional resources.

Important Notes:

Given the changing nature of restrictions and guidelines in response to COVID-19 and indoor gatherings, programming should adhere to guidelines released by Philadelphia’s Department of Public Health.


Important Dates:

February 1, 2024: Due date for applications
April 2024: Applicants will be informed of their funding status
May 2024: Due date to return completed seed award paperwork
January 2025: Final Progress Report due

Who can apply for seed award grants?

Eligible applicants/organizations must be:

  • Philadelphia residents or Philadelphia-based organizations
  • 18 years or older
  • The project or activity is in Philadelphia, focused on Philadelphia residents


Please note for academic institutions: The seed award grants are not meant to fund academic institutions. However, we understand that the development of autistic student groups can be a helpful resource. Thus, we have funded these groups in the past with the goal of creating a mutual support space within a university/college environment. Other groups/programs based within a university/college environment will be reviewed and evaluated on an individual basis.


Please note for Drexel-based applicants: In the past, we have declined all Drexel applicants. If a community-based organization would like to work with a Drexel-affiliated program to apply for this grant, and if the project is approved, the funds will go to the community-based organization.


Four Pillars of Impact:

  • Emerging Needs: Projects that focus on evolving needs that arise. In the past, this has included projects related to the impact of COVID-19, healthy relationships and sexuality, criminal justice interactions, employment, and more.
  • Lived Experience: Projects that center the needs of the people closest to the issues that we seek to address.
  • Advocacy: Projects that support learning about self-advocacy, advocacy, and/or policy change with the goal of improving the lives of autistic individuals and their support networks.
  • Connection: Projects that focus on community programs, support groups, events, and/or opportunities to foster relationships and connections.


The seed award grants prioritize projects that:

  • Serve diverse audiences.
  • Meet the needs of under-resourced and under-served communities.
  • Centers people with lived experience.
  • Are community focused.
  • Are new applicants. If returning applicant, have completed the final report.


Funding Amount

Award amounts will vary based on your project needs and have typically ranged from several hundred dollars to $1,000 in seed funding. Limited opportunities may allow for additional funding for larger projects.


The money can be used for things like:

  • Supplies
  • Materials
  • Speaker costs
  • Other program costs


The money cannot be used for things like:

  • Individual camp grants or individual needs
  • Fundraising events
  • Treatment costs
  • Research projects

We encourage you to reach out to your local non-profit organization, local county resources and the ASERT Collaborative to explore additional grants and funding streams. For more information about ASERT, please visit, email or call 1-877-231-4244.

Award Review Process:

The Philadelphia Autism Project organizes a Seed Award Review Committee to review and score applications. Committee members come from a variety of backgrounds and include autistic individuals, previous award recipients, community members, and others. All applications are reviewed by at least two Committee members. Review criteria vary based on whether it is a grassroots project (a new organization/project without a previously established network and/or resources) or a more experienced organization/group (have the organizational resources and structure in place to do the project). If you are interested in joining the Seed Award Review Committee, please contact us at Please note, if you are part of the Seed Award Review Committee, you will not be able to submit a seed award application.

For more information:


Want to share this with others or learn about ways you can support this program? Download more information or read the FAQ Document for Seed Award Recipients below. You can also contact the Philadelphia Autism Project at or (215) 571-3209.

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