Community Autism Peer Specialist (CAPS) Service

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The Community Autism Peer Specialist (CAPS) program is a community-based behavioral health service for individuals on the Autism Spectrum that employs a team of trained CAPS. Participants in the program receive services from a CAPS professional who is also on the Spectrum and has received state-approved CAPS training. The CAPS professional delivers peer support using their own lived experiences in navigating life as an individual on the Spectrum as well as their knowledge of wellness tools to provide guidance, mentoring, and support services to their peer in achieving their chosen goals in areas like living, learning, working and socializing. A CAPS offers unique support through the connection, empathy, and understanding of a shared experience living on the Spectrum. They offer encouragement, information, and are a safe and trusted person that helps their peer create and achieve their own plans for wellbeing.

Below provides you with more information about the CAPS Service, including a link to more information on the Community Behavioral Health (CBH)’s webpage, the CAPS Service Flyer, and the CAPS Service FAQ document. If you are interested in referring someone to receive CAPS as a service, please see the CAPS Service Referral Form below. If you do not live in Philadelphia or have HealthChoices, please let us know by clicking the link below. This is helpful for us in planning for CAPS expansion.

Service Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have an autism diagnosis
  • Be 14 years or older
  • Eligible for HealthChoices (Medicaid)
  • Reside in Philadelphia County

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