Community Autism Peer Specialist (CAPS) Study

Are you an autistic young adult who wants support in reaching your personal goals?


If you are 18 – 30 years old living in Philadelphia, this new research project may be for you!


Our Goals: 

We want to learn how an autistic peer support program (CAPS) works to support autistic individuals. More information about CAPS:  

  • Prioritizes the goals of autistic individuals.  
  • A service from a trained CAPS professional who is also on the Spectrum to talk about goals.  
  • Goals can be in areas like living, learning, working, and socializing in your community.  
  • To learn how well this program works, you will either receive the CAPS Program or other resources/services.  
  • We are working with the NorthEast Treatment (NET) Center as a CAPS provider.  


Connect with us! We hope to work with autistic adults who: 

  • Are between the ages of 18-30 years 
  • Have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder 
  • Live in Philadelphia County 
  • Communicate in English 
  • Are or may be eligible for Medicaid 


How long is this project? 

Your involvement would last 12 months. Depending upon your needs and if you receive the CAPS program, you may meet with a CAPS professional for 1 hour to several hours a week. You can choose to take part in or leave the study at any time for any reason. 



You will receive up to $60 in gift cards for completing surveys during the project. You will also take part in one interview. 



This study will occur throughout Philadelphia, depending on your needs and preferences. 


Want to learn more? 

Please contact study staff by email at or phone/text at 215-839-8207. 

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