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Medical Assistance

How to Apply for Medical Assistance


Families can call the Child Healthwatch Helpline at PCCY at 215-563-5848 X 17. PCCY will take your information on the phone, gather documents from you by mail or email ( and send your application in for you. PCCY works often with families in Early Intervention and can follow up on any application if there is a problem.  For more information download the Multi Helpline Flyer.


OPTION B: (“DIY Version”)

  1. Call the CHIP helpline at 1-800-986-KIDS (5437), select Option 4 for Medical Assistance, and ask to have an MA application sent to you (ask for application PA600HC) or download an application online at:

Click on the magnifying glass and then type in PA 600 HC in the form field.

After completing the application, please write “MA FOR DISABLED CHILD HANDBOOK SECTION 305 Appendix C95”across the top of the form. This will alert the caseworker to consider the child for eligibility because of their disability.

  1. DOCUMENTATION!!!! You will need to provide proof of the following items by providing copies.

The only proofs required by law are:

  • Proof of any income in the household, including income received in the child’s name.
  • Proof of disability (medical or psychological evaluation written by a licensed clinician within the last 3 months)
  • Proof that you did apply for SSI and were rejected due to income (families who do not meet the poverty cut off for SSI, may obtain a “”letter of rejection” over the phone you do not have to GO to the SSA office)
  • If the client is an immigrant they must provide immigration documents – such as “green cards”

Our advocates at PCCY are aware that families may be asked for more documentation however if this is the case please contact PCCY’s Child Healthwatch Helpline at 215-563-5848 X 17!

…a word about SSI:

SSI, (Supplemental Security Income), is a federally funded program which provides a monthly check

and Medical Assistance for people who qualify. To qualify you must have a disabling condition PLUS meet income guidelines to be eligible. To apply, call 800-772-1213, or log on

  1. Mail the application (make copies and send registered or certified mail so you get a receipt in case it gets lost), get a receipt!

Philadelphia County Assistance Office Headquarters

Phone: 215-560-7226

801 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

  1. The application will be forwarded to your local County Assistance Office. You should hear from them in a letter within 30 days about the status of your application. This letter will contain the name and phone number of the caseworker assigned to your child’s application and your case record number. They may need more information. Keep in mind that the state rule says that you do not need to go to the office at all for an appointment, you can phone, fax or mail information.

OPTION C: On-line via the State of PA benefits webpage:

OPTION D: BenePhilly Centers offer free one-on-one enrollment support to help Philadelphia residents apply to over 20 public benefits. Many languages supported. Call 1-844-848-4376.

Contact Information:
Philadelphia County Assistance Office Headquarters
BenePhilly Centers
PCCY’s Child Healthwatch Helpline
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CHOP Division of Dentistry

University Penn School of Medicine in affiliation with CHOP

Ages 1-18, most insurances.

240 S 40th St, Philadelphia PA 19104

Contact Information:
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Doc Bresler’s Cavity Busters

All ages (including adults 18 and over)

All insurances.

Usually about 6 week wait time, with social distancing about 2-3 month wait.

Special Touch Dentistry Office (211 Geiger Road, Philadelphia PA – 215-508-4200)

Multiple locations throughout the Philadelphia area.

Contact Information:
Special Touch Dentistry
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Penn Dental Medicine’s Care Center for Persons with Disabilities – Personalized Care Suite

Features include:

  • A “quiet room” for patients sensitive to light and sound.
  • Treatment and consultation spaces large enough to accommodate multiple individuals and wheelchairs.
  • Individualized risk assessment and minimally invasive treatment plans to prevent tooth decay
  • Personalized oral health care and prevention plans, including diet modifications
  • Hands-on education for caregivers in the delivery of oral hygiene


240 South 40th Street (40th & Spruce Streets), Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Contact Information:
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Special Smiles at Episcopal Hospital

Outpatient dental facility in Philadelphia where special needs dentists treat individuals with physical, intellectual, psychological or developmental disabilities who require general anesthesia for comprehensive oral care.

Ages 8 and up.

Insurance: Medical Assistance and private dental insurances.

Patient must require general anesthesia only (no sedation).  Must have a referral from a dentist.

2301 E Allegheny Ave #202, Philadelphia, PA 19134

Contact Information:
On Call - Special Needs Dentist
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St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children – Dental Medicine

All ages up to age 21.

Most insurances accepted.

2 month wait for new patients.

160 East Erie Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19134

Contact Information:
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Hearing and Vision

CHOP Hearing (Audiology) and Vision (Ophthalmology) Evaluations

CHOP Audiology Department – The Department of Audiology, part of the Center for Childhood Communication, provides comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitative hearing services for children from birth to 21 years of age. Our team of specialized professionals ensures the best care for your child and provides you with the resources needed to make informed decisions.

CHOP Division of Ophthalmology – provides comprehensive evaluation, coordinated care and cutting-edge treatment of eye misalignment, abnormal eye movements, lazy eye, poor visual function, and less common pediatric eye conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts.

All ages.

Insurance: MA and Private Insurance (no Health Partners!)

No wait list.

Multiple locations: Buerger Center, 3500 Civic Center Boulevard Philadelphia PA 19104, as well as a variety of other CHOP Specialty Care locations.

Contact Information:
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DuPont/Jefferson Hearing (Audiology) Evaluations

Ages 0-18

Medical Assistance, Aetna, AmeriHealth, First Health, Health Partners, Keystone First, Independence Blue Cross (no United).

No vision Dept., see Will’s Eye.

No wait.

111 S. 11th St., Philadelphia PA 19107

Contact Information:
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Einstein Audiology


Providing diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss in adults & children.

Ages: 6 years and up.

Insurance: MA and private

No wait.

Serving Bensalem and Philadelphia.

3143 Knights Road Bensalem PA 19020

Contact Information:
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Einstein Hospital- Ophthalmology Associates – Klein

Provides care to address the most common to complex issues in children and adults including treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, corneal disease, eye lid and retinal diseases.

Ages 5 and up.

Insurance: MA and private (except Aetna).

1-2 month wait

5401 Old York Rd. Suite 205 Philadelphia, PA 19141

Contact Information:
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St. Christopher’s Hospital – Hearing (Audiology) and Vision (Ophthalmology)

Ages 0 and up.

Insurance: MA and private

Hearing: 215-427-5469 (no wait)   160 E. Erie Ave. Philadelphia PA 19134

Vision: 215-427-8120 (3 month wait)  160 E. Erie Ave., 2nd floor Philadelphia PA 19134

Contact Information:
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Temple Abington Hearing (Audiology) (Head and Neck Department)

Temple Abington hearing only, (Head and Neck Department).

Ages 0-18

All insurances except Aetna Better Health.

No wait.

1077 Rydal Road, Suite 201 Jenkintown PA 19046

Contact Information:
For appointments
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Wills Eye Hospital

All ages.

Insurance: Medicaid (except UPMC), all major vision plans

No wait.

Multiple locations: 840 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA and 1245 Highland Avenue, Fort Washington PA 19034

Contact Information:
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Safety & Car Seats

Autism Risk Management

This website, of Dennis Debbaudt, is a leader in autism training for law enforcement and emergency responders. Many free downloads including the Autism Emergency Contact form. Some resources available in other languages such as Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese, Creole, Japanese.

Contact Information:
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Fred’s Footsteps

Fred’s Footsteps provides interim funds for otherwise financially stable families to help them handle the financial burden of a child’s illness or traumatic injury. Grants may be at times to pay for safety items such as fences, alarm systems and accessibility equipment or renovations.

Up to $10,00 a year for families for needs related to a child’s illness, injury or disability that are not covered by insurance such as home adaptations for a wheelchair or a fence. Also grants for finances incurred by a parent unable to work during a child’s illness. Referrals through the child’s hospital social worker only. Families must live in one of the following counties: Atlantic, Cape May, Lancaster, Northampton, Berks, Chester, Lehigh, Ocean, Bucks, Cumberland (NJ), Mercer, Philadelphia, Burlington, Delaware, Montgomery, Salem, Camden, Gloucester, or New Castle Child must be under 18 years of age.

See website for more details.

940 Haverford Road, Suite LL-1, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

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ASERT Justice Resources and FREE Trainings

Provides free trainings and resources to first responders (including police, fire fighters, EMS, District Courts) and community groups about Autism and justice interactions. Resource collection and training request online.

Contact Information:
ASERT Resource Center
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Autism “Big Red Safety Box”

This is a comprehensive guide to help families and caregivers understand how to adapt to a child’s environment and community to assure they are safe.  Information extends to wandering concerns, restraint and seclusion, bullying, and suicide prevention.

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Autism Safety Project

This program (through Autism Speaks) reviews many issues related to the safety of people on the spectrum including sexual abuse.

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Car Seat Loan Program of Pennsylvania

PA car seat loan program and car seat check/fitting locations as well as other safety information.

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Child Safety Seat Program at CHOP

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers child car seats at no cost through its Child Safety Seat Program at CHOP. Anyone who cannot afford to buy a child safety seat can be referred to this program by a healthcare provider. To be eligible, you must be currently receiving public assistance and have a green EBT Access card.  You can now complete the application online.

3401 Civic Center Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19104

Contact Information:
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Child with Autism Street Sign Resources

To learn more about how to request a Child with Autism street sign in your neighborhood or on your street in Philadelphia, visit

Philly311 is also a resource to learn more about requesting a sign in your neighborhood.

Signs may also be purchased online.

Contact Information:
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E-Z On Vest

A large variety of safety products.

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Premise History Form – Philadelphia Police Department

Worried about a family member with special needs who may not be able to speak up for themselves?

This form is to assist the City of Philadelphia in more effectively responding to an emergency situation that a member of your household with a disability may experience. Please complete the following voluntary questionnaire and return it by mail, or drop it off at the nearest Police District. If you choose to respond, the information will be submitted into the Philadelphia Police Department’s CAD system for use by Philadelphia’s 911 dispatchers. The purpose is to ensure that 911 dispatchers and emergency response personnel are aware, in advance, of any information you feel they would need to know about people with disabilities in your household in the event of an emergency –  ADA DISABILITY APPLICATION 11-2020

Responding to this questionnaire is purely voluntary. You may choose to respond on behalf of all of your household members or only certain household members. If you choose to respond to this questionnaire, please be sure to provide your signature on the last page. (Your signature gives us the permission we need to process this information – without it the information cannot be processed.) In addition, this information will be removed from our files periodically therefore this form must be submitted every two (2) years to ensure that our files are accurate.

Contact Information:
Police Radio Training
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Safety Net Tracking Systems

*There is a fee.*

A tracking system specially designed for people who wander and may be non-verbal.

Contact Information:
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Diaper and Toilet Training

The Diaper Program (Only for children over 3)

If you child is three years of age or older and is using diapers because of a developmental delay or medical reason he/she can receive a case of diapers and wipes delivered to your home.

For Child with Medical Assistance, here is what you can do: Call your child’s health provider (this is usually the number written on the back of your medical card).

  1. Ask the insurance provider what Durable Medical Equipment Company they contract with in your area and get the name and phone number of that company.
  2. Call the equipment company and explain that you want to get your child on the diaper program. They will do an intake with you over the phone and then they will ask you to call your doctor and have the doctor fax a prescription for diapers and wipes to them. Get the equipment company’s fax number.
  3. Call your doctor’s office and explain that you need to fax a prescription for diapers directly to the equipment company. The prescription needs to include the child’s size and diagnosis.
  4. Soon you will begin to receive diapers each month. You will need to renew this process each year if your child continues to need them.
  5. If you do not receive the diapers and wipes please call the Medical Equipment Company to check in with them.

For children with Private Insurance in addition to Medical Assistance (i.e. from a parent’s job).

  1. Submit the diaper prescription to the health plan for payment to the durable medical equipment company.
  2. The private health plan will deny the payment. Ask for a denial letter in writing.
  3. Resubmit the claim to the medical assistance plan provider with the written denial from the private health plan.
  4. The durable medical equipment companies can guide you through the rest of the process.

El Programa de Pañal (This is the same information as above but in Spanish)

Si su niño tiene tardanzas del desarrollo y tiene más de 3 años, él o ella pueden recibir pañales gratis por la asistencia médica. Siga estos pasos:

  1. Llame el 1-800 número de teléfono al dorso de la tarjeta médica de su niño para averiguar a quién su “Equipo Médico Duradero local” abastecedor es.
  2. Llame aquel abastecedor, y hable con ellos sobre “el programa de pañal”. Ellos le dirán que usted tendrá que conseguir una prescripción del doctor de su niño y ellos le darán el número de fax mandar por fax la prescripción.
  3. Llame la oficina de doctor de su niño y dígales que su niño necesita al doctor para mandar por fax una prescripción para pañales a la compañía. La prescripción debería declarar el diagnóstico de su niño y debería solicitar un suministro de un 3 mes de pañales con recambios. ¡Asegúrese que el doctor escribe el tamaño de pañal de su niño la prescripción también!

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